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wastewater irrigated by vegetables And Cereal In Heavy metals Did More Quantity: research

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wastewater irrigated by vegetables And Cereal In Heavy metals Did More Quantity: research

BHU : Kashi Hindu university, Of by researchers Condition only In done Went One research In Found Went Is That Bhadohi Of industrial And residential areas From getting out the ones waste Water From Often irrigated having Wali vegetables And Cereal Did crops In Heavy metals ( cadmium, nickel , chromium, copper , zinc ) _ Quantity groundwater From irrigated crops Did Compare In More is food _ Chain In Heavy metals Did More Quantity Food Security And Man Health Both Of For hazard born does Is I Assistant Professor Dr. _ Rajesh Youth Sharma Of Leadership In their Team Prince _ Youth Singh , Jai Shankar Yadav , Indrajit Youth And Umesh Youth has Bhadohi Of suburban localities In since March 2019 as of February 2020 One research Study Did went its _ Result World level Prestigious journal Toxicology _ Reports ” in published Has happened I

Agriculture In waste Water Of Use Of Positive And negative Both aspect Are I positive Approach Of Form in , waste Water nutrients elements , organic substances Etcetera Of One Prosperous Source is while _ negative Approach Of Form in , in Many Kind Of Harmful Heavy metals , microorganisms , emerging happened pollutant Etcetera Too Involved are ecological _ Mechanism In Heavy metals Did More Presence Or their Determined Limit From Above Happen flora And Man Health Of For hazard born does is , Together only This waste Water If long Time Of For Use In brought go Is So This Soil And Important crops As grains , vegetables In Heavy Metal Did Quantity by increasing pollution Of Important Cause become go Is I

This research Work To since March 2019 taking as of February 2020 Did Gaya Summer Rainy _ _ And Cold Of Season In born having Wali Vegetables ( spinach , radish , garlic , cabbage) And eggplant ) and of cereals ( paddy , wheat ) total 84 samples collected done Went Were All _ samples To tube well Of Water From wash Of Afterwards Them small _ _ crumbs In by cutting Oven In dried Went I dried Went samples To grind powder Make Went And Di – acid ( nitric acid And perchloric acid ) in 6 to 8 hours As far as warm Did Went Vegetables _ And Cereal Of Filtrate In Heavy metals ( cadmium , nickel chromium , copper , zinc ) _ contamination level To Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer ( Perkin – Elmer) Analyst 800 , USA ) By measured Gaya I Bhadohi Of waste Water And Bhujal irrigated areas From aggregated done Went vegetables And cereals In Diverse Heavy metals Did concentration table 1 In Gave Went Is copper _ Did To all More Quantity in wheat (27.9 mg / kg ) And To all Less Quantity in garlic (7.1 mg / kg ) Pie went while _ Wheat In nickel And Chromium Did dose ( 42.3 mg / kg respectively and 17.1 mg / kg ) most More And To all Less Eggplant And garlic ( 10.3 mg / kg respectively and 2.9 mg / kg ) in Pie went to the same Kind Zinc And cadmium Did Quantity spinach ( 58.4 mg / kg respectively and 5.3 mg / kg ) in To all More Was And garlic ( 27.6 mg / kg respectively and 1.9 mg / kg ) in To all Less Thi I Copper And Chromium Did Quantity All vegetables



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